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Welcome. I am a Registered Psychologist (#XXXX) offering adult psychology services in
Victoria, B.C. I work primarily with individuals and occasionally with couples. I completed a
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of British Columbia, followed by a Master’s in clinical psychology through Simon Fraser University, and a PhD in clinical psychology Master’s through UBC. I have been living and working in Victoria since 2009.
I am a therapist, scientist and mother.


More than anything I believe in compassion, connection and courage.

COMPASSION & EMPATHY: are the foundation of the work that I do. I believe that empathy is the
key to successful healthy relationships and effective therapy. I seek to communicate empathy
and caring to my clients and help them to develop empathy for others.

CONNECTION: Our connections with others make life beautiful and meaningful. In so many ways,
love and connection (between mothers and their infants, between parents and their growing
children, between friends, and between lovers) carry us through life, making life satisfying and
fulfilling. Despite this, we are not taught how to develop healthy and enduring social lives,
friendships, and romantic relationships. The skills required for healthy and successful romantic
love are some of the most difficult skills we perform as adults. It is my goal as a therapist to help

my clients learn how to be healthy in love and to find deep and rewarding connections with
others, be they friends or romantic partners.

COURAGE: Courage is important in all aspects of our life. To life in fear is to live a limited life.
Courage is particularly important for clients experiencing anxiety. When we life a life in pursuit of
our highest values, not in the service or our fear, that is when we experience the most joy and
fulfillment. I strive to help my clients live with courage and find ways through their fear.

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